– Print Media Publications: Gain recognition for your accomplishments by receiving a prestigious award from University
– Digital Media: Your story will also be published on our websites.
– Prestigious Person’s Referral: You will be referred to various prominent professionals within your profession.
– Exclusive Interview: Participate in an exclusive interview that will be published on our social media. Your interview and achievements will be shared across the IP channel, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
– Complimentary Subscription: Receive a complimentary one-year digital edition of our E-Paper.
– Event Photography: Photographs from the award event will be made public, further enhancing your visibility and recognition, and will also be sent to you via mail.
Your registration for qualifying for the award will be proceeded once you pay Rs 5000/- which is non-refundable.
The jury panel will review the application and the documents provided and make a decision on your eligibility. You will receive an email, sms or a call confirming your acceptance or denial.
You will be required to pay an additional fee and once the final payment is made you will receive a confirmation email indicating that you are qualified for the award.